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April 16 2021 13:35


Where to stay?
June 26 2019 22:21

For several years, I have been making vague plans for a 60th birthday party for myself, a 55th for a friend and a 50th for another friend. (our birthdays are on consecutive days) The original plan for for Club Orient, but that's not going to happen by April 2020.
Any suggestions? We will probably have around four couples and it would be nice to have rooms near each other and near the Club O beach.
Club Fantastico looks great (not sure how far to the beach from there), but the pricing is out of reach for some of us. Esmeralda looks affordable, at least for the cheaper rooms.

Thanks for any advice.


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June 27 2019 13:20

altho we have not been to st martin since before the hurricane, we have aways stayed at es. the advantage for you with having four couple together is that you could all get one building group together. while each couple would have their own unit, you all would share the common pool area. usually, if you all agree to one type of pool attire (or un-attire), the management does not have a problem with that. the rooms are nice. i have heard on this site that they are recently renovated. i believe at least one unit in each group is a "suite" and has a kitchen so you could arrange to cook common meals together if you wanted, altho the restaurants in grand case are great. some one else better acquainted with es could answer the kitchen question. and when you stay at es, you can walk down to the club o beach each day or stay by your own pool.
btw, club fantastic is up on the hill so it is a walk down (and back up at the end of the day) or a short car ride down and back. we have never stayed there but i did my morning run in the area around es and found club f that way. i did not go in to see the place however.
July 03 2019 10:37

I was planning to go to the Esmeralda in December and might yet, but I have been checking out Cypress Gardens Nudist Resort in Florida and may end up there. Has anyone had any experience there?
July 03 2019 15:34

July 30 2019 20:17

Have you made your arrangement yet for April? If not, send me a message. We have a villa available for nude use throughout with 4 bedrooms, all with king beds and ensuite bathrooms, oversize private pool and spa, full kitchen, dining and entertainment rooms, indoor and outdoor dining, air conditioning, high speed internet, large screen TV in Entertainment room and TV in each bedroom, with beautiful sunset views. It would be a drive to Orient, but is very convenient to nightlife and restaurants of Simpson Bay. The price would be $120 per night per couple for 4 couples.
July 31 2019 11:41

If you are still interested in Cypress Cove, this is a good review:
July 31 2019 16:58

We stayed for a weekend at Cypress Cove around Feb 2017. Nice resort but the weather was bad so we did not get to enjoy the pool much. We just rented a motel unit which was clean and basic but met the needs. There is a restaurant and bar which is nice and also a more casual bar. The casual bar had live entertainment in the evening. It was fun partying naked but they had a woman there who was policing when any suggestive dancing started.
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