Nude Beaches with a walk up bar

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April 16 2021 13:44


Nude Beaches with a walk up bar
April 20 2019 13:13

We spent several days at Orient Beach which was completely nude and we were able to get our drinks at the Perch Lite Bar. It was awesome. We have been to a few other nude beaches around the world but have not found any other nude beaches with a bar on them. Can anyone tell me if there are other nude beaches with a bar ?


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April 23 2019 11:15

Hedo in Jamaica for one. They used to serve beer from the truck at Haulover but no more, I believe. How about some of those French beaches, e.g. Pampelonne in St. Tropez,
June 23 2020 17:12

In Gran Canaria island there are beach bars and snack shops known as "chiringitos". You can find them in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas Beach. These are mixed use beaches where you have naked and dressed people walking up and down the beach at all times. There are loungers and umbrellas for rent and there are several sections that are for mostly nude use. We spent two weeks travelling four of the islands and most of the bigger islands have nude beaches with facilities. Cost wise we found the cost of two weeks in the Canaries was roughly equivalent to two weeks in St. Martin. Lots to see and visit, big selection of restaurants and nude beaches you can walk for miles and miles. English is commonly spoken as they have a lot of English tourists.
June 30 2020 22:26

I don't remember the exact name of the beach but we were fully nude and had chairside service on a public beach in Barcelona, it was a mixture of clothed and nude/topless, mostly clothed. There are a number of other places internationally to go with bars you can go to nude but often they are part of a resort and not open to the public like the Perch Lite. To the best of my knowledge there is no other place on the planet quite like the Club O beach, even without Club O.
-One Life, One Love, One Island!!
November 09 2020 04:55

Going to Playa Zipolite in Mexico in 10 days, the only officially sanctioned nude beach in Mexico and staying at a hotel called Hotel Nude Zipolite. From a
what i understand the bar, beach and entire hotel is clothing optional. Will send a report upon our return.

-One Life, One Love, One Island!!
January 23 2021 23:04

DrRobb...did you guys go to Zipolite?? would love to see a review and photos
January 26 2021 03:46

Hey Chief,

No, due to COVID restrictions we cancelled our trip but hope to go in the future.
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