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Tree Lizard

Another one down and we cant wait to get back! Each year, we leave something to find when we return. This year, we tied a small lizard (plastic) to the palm closest to the Perch! For anyone lucky enough to be THERE, rather than HERE...please let us know if that thing is still hanging on!

Looked like he had changed sides of the tree from when we saw it in June. But doing well.
He moves around to check out the beach crowd!
When we saw him he was on the ocean side and very fat from the Perch cheeseburgers.
We chose wisely by tying him up near the Perch. Looking forward to checking up on him ourselves in April! Cant come soon enough! Count down is on! Thanks for the updates!
we saw him during our 4-14 Nov trip
Thanks for the update Babs! Three and a half months and we'll be back for round 7. Cant come soon enough! So happy to hear that our tree lizard is hanging in there! We'll see if he makes it a full year! Fun! Cant wait to get back! We stumbled upon St Martin in 2006 and it has become that marker on our calendar each year in which, no matter how stressful life can be at times, we can look forward to sun, relaxation and the opportunity to laugh and catch up with great friends from all over the world in a truly special place! Thanks again for the update!
84 days and counting!
30 days to go for us!

The Simpsons
9 weeks to go! Hur.....eeeey....up!
The little yellow lizard is still hanging out by the Perch!

The Simpsons
Originally posted by thesimpsons

The little yellow lizard is still hanging out by the Perch!

The Simpsons

Is he on the water side or the land side of the tree? When we saw him in June, he was on the water side, but a poster above indicated he may have changed sides.
The lizard is on the north side of the tree looking towards Pedro's. When I was looking for it a security guard was near the tree, so I told him what I was doing and when I told him that I found it he came over and looked at it and chuckled!

The Simpsons
The tree lizard moves around depending on the beach crowd! Seven more weeks to go and we'll check up on him ourselves. One year ago, we had our final beers at the Perch with great friends, tied up the tree lizard, said our goodbyes and headed to the airport. Despite the depression of leaving the place each year...always holding out to the VERY last minute to depart... the prospect of our return always provides a beacon of happiness and excitement! Heading back for our 6th visit...which we know makes us relative newbies...but cant wait to get back! Thanks for the continued reports! Glad to hear that he remains alive and well!
I'm not happy! I looked last week for him maybe 3 or 4 times and could not locate the lizard. Maybe we will see him next year. BTW, no name for the little guy?
Did you look on the north side as thesimpsons indicated he had moved over there. Or he may have moved to any side of the tree. He is yellow and fairly easy to spot.